Mourinho’s reactions after the win 4-1 vs CSKA

“What matters is being in the quarterfinals and we have to wait to Friday’s draw to see whom we’ll face.”

“I expected the game to be what it was. CSKA were true to their culture and didn’t take risks. They played a tight game in defence and caused danger with their four forwards in fast counterattacks. Despite them having some chances we always dominated the match. We didn’t give a spectacular performance but we played a serious game. The match was practically finished when we were 3-0 up, but we were a little worried in the final minutes. Nevertheless, it was Madrid’s match throughout.”

“Xabi Alonso is a great and very important player for us, but we’re not going to cry about his yellow card. We’re solid in midfield. Granero and Lass can easily play with Khedira and Nuri, whose spirits we’re trying to raise. Alonso will rest and will be able to play all league games. He will be fit to the end.”

“Higuain and Benzema scored, but what matters is that we played as a team and won. There are no debates. Both Higauin and Benzema played well.”

“Kaka gave a spectacular performance. He had his best years in Italy, but he’s never worked as hard as he does now. It’s normal to feel tired by the 75th minute when you work that hard. He did a fantastic job and I am very happy with the way he plays.”

“I don’t think my team suffered in defence. We started the second half the same way we started the first because a 2-0 score was important to us. We suffered in the end because the whole team slowed down, not just the defenders. CSKA created some danger, but Pepe, Ramos and the full backs gave us a great sense of security.”

“I go all out in every match. I could think about using rotations and some have to happen, such as the one I’ll have to do regarding Alonso. It’s normal for us to change two or three players, but the league is still the most important championship for me even though the Champions League is something altogether different. The winner in the league is the best team in 11 months and we will not give anything away.”

“Beckenbauer is one of the most intelligent and experienced men in football and I think he is being intelligent by pushing pressure away from his team when he says he wants only either Real Madrid or Barcelona in the final. Bayern Munchen can defeat anyone and they are a strong contender for the title.”

“Many other teams have much smaller stadiums that are usually empty, so we are grateful that 70,000 to 80,000 people pack ours. Real Madrid are what they are in part due to their fan base. Everything else regarding the crowd is cultural. Some protested, but we respect that and don’t criticise it.”

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