BPL day 4: Manchester City 2-0 Watford

Manchester City continues the perfect with a fourth consecutive win but also the fourth consecutive clean sheet. Sterling also scored his first goals with City

Coach Manuel Pellegrini explains on the current four win stretch:

“We had four very different rivals but we found the solution for each to win the game. Watford defended very well in the first-half so we didn’t create many chances. I think that we played this game in exactly the same way as the other three – as a very consistent team.

I think that half-time was important to make the change. We had a lot of possession in the first half but didn’t create many chances.

Making that change with Nasri on the left, a more-free David on the right and having Raheem close to Kun was the way we must try to do it and I’m happy that it worked. I think that playing with creative players like Yaya, Nasri, Kun – Raheem will score goals. 

He’s not just a scoring player though, he works a lot in the game and is good at one-v-ones which is something we perhaps needed to improve upon.  He’s demonstrating that he’s not an expensive player, he’s a good player.”

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