Recently the world has witnessed the dethronement of maleficent leaders who had nothing left to offer neither the international public nor the good of their people other than oppression and unrest.

With dictators and the like having been overthrown, we, as civilized people, would like to believe the world is a better place—or at least it’s making headway.

According to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, what happens on the football pitch, stays on the football pitch.

Has the staid president crossed a border of his own accord? He (and the nation of FIFA) put a roadblock up by denying there is an issue with on-the-pitch racism.

As the better part of the human race takes giant steps to cure the ugly matter of abuse and discrimination based on ethnic origin or skin color, Blatter’s solution to shake hands and get over it keep throwing the better part of us back. Perhaps he should take a lesson from the FA, who have charged Liverpool’s Luis Suarez with making racist remarks against Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, and not be blinded by the big money makers.

Out of all the issues FIFA has had to deal with concerning corruption within the past year, this is one they shouldn’t let slip. Blatter’s time is up.

Instead of claiming he is misunderstood, he should take it like a man with a dose of his own words: shake hands and part ways. After all, the out-of-context excuse is starting to get old.

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