Matchday 23: Arsenal 1-2 Watford

Confirmed as a title contender, Arsenal has probably endured their worst loss of the season. Once again, year after year Arsenal loses game that they should win and this is a major reason why the Premier League title will likely not be for them again this season…

The reason? A pathetic game entrance and a two goal deficit after less than 20 minutes. For a team battling for the crown, this is unacceptable and there are no excuses. Champions League spot is what the Gunners should aim at now because the title is over at 99%.  

Coach Wenger tries to explain the disappointing performance:

“I’m responsible for the results of the team. I’m frustrated that we did not win. What the other teams do doesn’t matter. What you want is to win the games and I’m very frustrated that we did not win the game, of course. We played at home, we had a great opportunity and we have a start like we did. Of course it’s frustrating and the players will have to learn from that and respond very well and very quickly in a very convincing way.

I think, honestly, we prepared well, we warned that Watford would come and make it very physical and I have no basic regret, looking at the preparation, in the way that we prepared for the game. And did we think subconsciously that we will turn up and it will work? I don’t know. But from the stands I agree with you that our first half was not at the level that we wanted.

But you have to switch it on at 100 per cent every time in the Premier League, that’s what it is about. First, we have to analyze why we didn’t start well. There are some situations in our team which were not completely clear at the start of the game, and we have to analyze that well.”

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