By Kristan Heneage

Kristan Heneage: You have represented Croatia at youth level yet you were born in Bosnia, how did that happen?

Dario Vujicevic: My dream was playing for Croatia. I can play for Bosnia but I will play for Croatia. My Father is Bosnian, my Mother Croatian.

KH: How would you describe yourself to people that have not seen you play?

DV: I’m a typical Number 10. I rely on good technique and I also hold a good killer pass.

KH: The club hired Michel Preud’homme after Steve McClaren left to manage Wolfsburg, how do the two differ?

DV: Preud Homme is more respectful. Steve McClaren requires more discipline from his players, he also plays a more offensive game.

KH: A lot of the players Steve McClaren brought in that year have since left, players like Blaise N’Kufo and Miroslav Stoch, did you find it difficult to adjust to so many new players coming in?

DV: Not really I think the new players have fitted into the team very well. It’s not been that much of a change.

KH: You began your career at Schalke 04, the former home of Mesut Özil, what made you decide to leave and come to Holland?

DV: I lived 80 kilometers from Gelsenkirchen which was not good, it was too far away when it came to traveling. When the chance came I decided to join FC Twente because it’s a good club for young players to develop.

KH: What makes FC Twente different from other Dutch teams?

DV: As I said it’s a good club for younger players to come to. I also believe the fans are the best in Europe!

KH: Was the change of culture from Holland to Germany a difficult one?

DV: There is not many changes except for language, that is not always easy for people but I learned Dutch very quickly.

KH: Which team do you support?

DV: I like to watch FC Barcelona, but back in Croatia I am a fan of Hadjuk Split.

KH: What car are you driving?

DV: I currently drive a BMW X6.

KH: How did you spend your first wage (money) from Twente?

DV: I decided to buy a handbag for my Mother with my first weeks wage.

KH: Who is the best player you have played with?

DV: It is a tie for me between two players. Marko Arnautovic [Werder Bremen] or Eljero Elia [Hamburg]. Both are very good!

KH: What CD is currently playing in your car?

DV: J Cole – Friday Night Lights.

KH: Who is your best friend in the squad?

DV: I would say Michael Schimpelsperger and Luuk De Jong [Brother of Siem De Jong at Ajax]

KH: Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

DV: I really want to play for Twente regularly, hopefully win more titles as well as becoming established in the Croatian national team.

KH: How do you like to relax when you are not playing football?

DV: I spend time on my computer, hang out with friends and go shopping.

KH: What is the strongest element of your game?

DV: I would say my passing.

KH: What is the weakest part of your game?

DV: Physically I am weakest, I am not strong enough in the tackle for a midfielder.

KH: You enjoyed 20 minutes against Tottenham Hotspur this week. Is it realistic for Twente to be in the Champions League every year?

DV: Of course it is realistic, as long as we continue to work hard like we have done so far.

KH: You will join the Europa league in February do you believe you can win it?

DV: I can’t really say yet. A lot is based on the luck of the draw, we will wait for the draw then decide if we can win it.

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