MLS week 7

LA Galaxy have won their 5 games in 6 played so far this season. On Saturday, they dominated Philadelphia Union from start to finish 2-0. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a brace in the first half and the Galaxy controlled the tempo in the second half. Alessandrini provided quick flashes on the wings and was dangerous all night long. However the Galaxy could have done much more.

For the Union, it was a difficult match as the visitors lost their best player in Fabian early on due to leg injury. They were never able to recover from the two goals they conceded. 

Ibrahimovic was frustrated with the quality int he second half despite the win:

“First half I thought was amazing. We had rhythm, we were aggressive, we had possession, we were direct. We said at halftime, we go out to kill, to score 3-0 or 4-0, and keep going.

After two seconds we almost conceded one goal, so either everybody wasn’t on the same side or we relaxed, and that cannot happen, because when you go out and relax, you get punished. And when you get punished, it’s difficult to come back. Lucky we were 2-up this time, but this cannot happen. We cannot relax like this, and we have to keep going.”

Coach Schelotto added:

“I don’t really like the second half for us. We finished the game in the first half, we played really good. We manage the ball, we manage the game, we have possibility of scoring, and we did. In the second half, I talk with the players [that] we need to keep manage the ball, and I think the game was even or sometimes [Philadelphia] play better than us. … I don’t really like the second half.”

“First half, we send a message. I mean, I think Philadelphia, I don’t think they knew what to do, how to stop us, because we were all over the place, pressing, winning balls, creative. Second half, I think we were worried what they should do”.