For years, people have loved watching football and soccer on television but didn’t have the physical attributes to play such games on a professional level themselves. Nor would it have been feasible to coach them.

Thanks to virtual reality, you now have the FIFA game. FIFA, which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association, is not only the actual soccer federation but also a football simulation video game popular with millions. It’s fun to play, but it isn’t easy to win without a lot of practice and determination. Here are some tips for improving your FIFA skills.

Organize a Forfeit Dare

If it’s hard to get motivated, take a break and play something else. Or make a game out of it with your friends. Invite them over to play FIFA and organize a forfeit dare.

Whoever loses has to do a dare, such as jumping into a swimming pool when it’s cold outside. Or host a pool party during summertime and whoever loses the game has to jump in fully clothed. If you’re thinking of having a pool installed, contact swimming pool contractors Las Vegas for more information. 

Work in Training Mode

Just like in real life, training will keep your players in shape and ready to play their next game. You can make your virtual players do drills to hone their skills. Not all drills will be equal, so you’ll have to experiment until you find the right drills for your team.

If you’re a manager, you want to focus on both Match Sharpness and Fitness. Don’t concentrate on one and ignore the other. Both are equally important to have the best team. Also, you’ll want the most players training simultaneously so choose the drill that will include the most players.

Choose Team Members Wisely

To have the most successful season, you will need to choose the best players for your team. Study the attributes of your players to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Each player’s overall rating is calculated by adding the player’s attributes and then weighting it according to that player’s position. You’ll also need to know how much game time you can expect from each player and what that player expects as well. If your virtual player plans on playing every game and then doesn’t get to, low morale can set in, and that player’s performance will be lower.

Practice Every Day

If you want to win at FIFA, you’ll need to play as often as you can every day. You can visit the practice arena so your players can work on their dribbling movements as well as their creative runs. Both require a certain amount of finesse that only repetition will allow you to master.

With practice, you’ll know when to sprint and how to jockey. For example, if you sprint too much, your players will get worn out and then start crawling and you’ll have to put in substitute players who won’t be as good.

Practicing defense is also just as important as working on your offensive moves. A good defense can win a game, so practice your passes so that you will be able to slip past your opponent’s players.

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals are important. FIFA sliders will help you get an accurate picture of each game you plan to play. The slider makes it easy to study the attributes of your players and those of your opponents. By analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, you can make a realistic estimate as to whether you can win a game. It can also help you better prepare for upcoming matches, training your players accordingly.

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon be winning at FIFA and maybe even securing a championship yourself.