soccer player resting

Soccer players are athletes that require an elite level of conditioning. While on the field, they need to be in tip-top shape, many people don’t realize that their rest days and recovery plans contribute to this. If you want to function at an elite level, you need to have plans both on and off the field. Although conditioning and building muscle are key, it is also critical to take time to rest. If you want to learn from soccer players and their rest day routines, here are a few things that you need to know.

Take Time to Relax Their Minds

When you think of training, many people think of their bodies; however, if you want to train like elite soccer players, you also need to consider your mind. The mental stimulation of playing a game can be exhausting. This is why many soccer players need assistance to help their minds relax. Whether they engage in activities that have nothing to do with physical activity on their rest days or use relaxation tools like meditation apps or gummy edibles to unwind, they prioritize letting their minds take a break. Or find some relaxation through strong relationships like through chicago matchmaking service or other sources.

Massage Muscle Groups

Because this level of physical activity can take its toll on the body, many soccer players use massages as a way to work out some of the built-up stress. Professional massages or sports medicine massages and personal massage guns can be various ways to work out some of the tension. While booking a massage after every game may not seem realistic for your lifestyle, the most important thing is taking the time to work out some of the pressure that builds up.

Utilize Physical Therapy

While massages can do wonders for tense muscles, physical therapy is often necessary. Whether this is to help after sustaining an injury or just enduring the aches and pains of athlete performance, having professional help can boost performance. Not to mention that physical therapy can also strengthen muscle groups and identify areas of weakness early on to ensure maximum performance over the long haul. Many athletes benefit from physical therapy because of the worthwhile and wonderful benefits.

Try Foam Rolling

A technique that some physical therapists use that you can do at home, is foam rolling. As another useful strategy to help release muscle tension and boost your recovery, this is a common practice among soccer players. Often helping players along their recovery process because of its ability to promote blood flow, this can do wonders for your muscle groups. Not to mention that when done consistently, it can also help reduce some of the stress and discomfort that many players experience from repetitive use.

Vigorously Rehydrate

On rest days, rehydration is a major priority. It takes a while for your body to recover and recalibrate itself following such intense physical activity. Rehydration is a key component of that. Your body needs essential elements like water, electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates to recharge, so your rest days need to carefully incorporate all of those elements. Drinking enough water and boosting your electrolytes can help you optimize your performance. While many people are aware of the importance of rehydration during games, the before and after are just as vital.

Stretch and Find Balance

If you want to be a smart athlete, you need to find ways to diversify your exercise routines. Incorporating stretching and balanced-based exercises are key to improving your performance but are also great ways to spend rest days. Many soccer players use rest days to engage in activities like yoga and stretching to help their muscles recover, all while staying active. With lighter, less strenuous activities like stretch and balanced-based exercises, you can stay active in a smart way on your rest days.

Soccer players have to be smart about their choices if they want to improve their performance. This includes their rest days. Whether you are not accustomed to resting or you want to be a better athlete, you can learn a lot from elite soccer players’ recovery routines and behaviors. While rest may sound counterintuitive to your goals, it may actually be the essential element missing in your long-term path to success.