Premier League gameweek 10: West Brom 0-4 Manchester City

Aguero returned to the scoreboard with a brace at West Brom as Man City follows Arsenal on top of the League. The victory stop a winless streak of 6 games combining all competitions. The Citizens are now tied with Liverpool with 23 points as all three club were on the road and came away with a victory scoring respectively four goals in each game. 

Coach Pep Guardiola reflects on his forward and his talent:

“We need Sergio. We know how important he is for us. He is part of the history of this club and will be forever but I would like to help him. He can still write the most brilliant pages in his career in this club. All of us we are there to help him and of course the first goal is really good and the second as well.”

He’s one of the best, yeah, absolutely. But I want to help him be much, much better. That is my target. Just to see how many goals he’s scored here in the Premier League and how difficult it is, and that’s why I’m so, so happy for him because he is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

I love working with nice guys, nice people – and Sergio is one of them. The Premier League, my friends, is tough! You are winning 2-0 and West Brom start to play their best football. They start to put in crosses and win second balls. The first hour we had controlled these kinds of things, and after that we cannot because the opponents are really good.

After three draws and three defeats, we tried to win again and we have a little bit more than in the last games, in terms of being a group and being a team. After that, the quality of the players made the difference. We are so happy because we are still there and for our confidence it will be good.”

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