Uruguay 2-1 England

Coach Roy Hogdson reacts:

We are devastated because we believed we could do enough today to get a result in this game. The players gave everything they had, and no-one can question that.

“Having worked so hard to counter the first Suarez goal and get back to 1-1 I fully believed we would go on to win the game or at least draw the game”.

“To concede the second goal as we did is an unbelievable blow.”  The first goal was exceptionally good,” he said. “I thought [Edinson] Cavani’s chip and him [Suarez] pulling to the back post before the cleverness of the header was really top, top play.The second one he was a bit fortunate to get himself free but of course when he got free he made no mistakes.

“It it is a similar story to the Italy game. We played pretty well but not good enough. There’s a small chance but we are not exactly expecting something like that. We have to go out there and give a good performance against Costa Rica.”