2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup Final

Germany 1-0 Argentina

Joakim Low – Germany coach

“I think this title will give us a push for the future, we don’t have many players in the squad above 30, but look at Gotze, Muller, (Mesut) Ozil and (Marco) Reus, who wasn’t there, so there are a lot of players who can still achieve a lot in their careers”.

“Of course, the Bundesliga has a huge influence on the team and the training the young players get, we had an extremely young team in South Africa in 2010,” said Low. “In 2000 and 2004, German football was down and out, we went out in the group phases so we took decisive steps and invested more in the player’s education”.

“It wasn’t enough just to rely on German virtues, we had to get better on the pitch. We created centres of excellence and I am grateful for the clubs who did that, this World Cup victory is a product of the excellent education and training in Germany.”

Goal scorer – Mario Gotze

“I don’t know how to describe it. You just score that goal and you don’t really know what’s happening after that.

“It’ll be a party with the whole team and the country. It’s a dream come true to win the World Cup, especially in Brazil. It’s not been simple, but I am simply happy to be here. I kept on training and working hard, and we deserved this trophy.”

Miroslav Klose

“We finished second once, were third twice, but this is world-class, I can hardly comprehend it. It was always a dream to once be up there (getting the trophy) and not just having to stand around and have to applaud others.The team’s performances were important, we wanted to keep our calm because we knew we had the better quality to win it.”

Captain Phillip Lahm

“Whether we have the best individual players or whatever does not matter, you have to have the best team.

“We stepped up time and again in the tournament, did not let ourselves get distracted by any disruption, went on our way.

“And at the end you stand there as world champions – an unbelievable feeling. The team has remained quiet and patient.”

Alejandro Sabella, Argentina coach

“We were playing a great team and the match had its ups and downs, with Germany having greater ball possession and control of the field of play, and us enjoying the clearer chances. My players were warriors and I congratulated them afterwards because, beyond the sadness of the result, a coach must always assess his team’s performance – and I believe that was quite good. They left everything on the pitch. The match was very even and, when we had opportunities to score, we could have done with being more efficient and effective.

These are very close matches and, when you make a mistake, you know it’s difficult to turn it around. But in general terms, I’m very proud and my boys played an extraordinary World Cup. It was very exciting to see them play and it’s clear they gave everything for the Argentinian jersey. They can look themselves in the mirror and know they gave everything. I congratulate my players for their extraordinary work and also congratulate Germany on winning the title. At the moment, I have the dual feeling of frustration at not having achieved our dream of winning the Final, but pride at having done our duty of giving our best. As for my future, I’m not sure. My plan is to take time with my family and rest a bit, and I have nothing to say beyond that”.