What do you make of the Manchester United side you’ve seen this season?


They’ve still got a great team, they’ve had a lot of youngsters coming into the team this year which will stand them in good stead for the future. I didn’t think they were as strong as they once were, but they always go through a phase when they bring a lot of new players in and they grow and become stringer again. They’re still a top team and still probably one of the best in the league along with Man City. It’s going to be a massive challenge for us and it’s one of those games where we want to win, we want to keep ourselves right in there and I’m sure they want to do exactly the same. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting game, for the neutral especially. I think everyone’s looking forward to it.


Can you put your finger on what went wrong in that game earlier in the season against them?


I think we played well for 60 minutes and then I think as soon as they got the first goal, that sunk us a bit and put us under a lot of pressure. We were in the game for a lot of the time but that goal sunk our hopes a little bit. Especially at the start of the season, I don’t think we had that belief yet, but we’ve definitely showed that since and I think we’re ready for them now.


Why do you think Tottenham’s results against the big four this season haven’t quite panned out as you’d expect?


I think it’s a tough thing to put my finger on really. There are always harder games, I think you always go toe-to-toe with the big teams, no one defends, and I think we’ve just been unlucky in certain cases, especially against Man City in the recent game. We were unlucky not to win the game, obviously conceding a penalty in the last minute, but hopefully luck will be on our side his time and we’ll be able to get the win.


Do you sense some added pressure on United this season due to the emergence of Man City?


I suppose so, it’s a massive derby. Especially with Man City being right up there, when before it was just on a game, now the whole league’s at stake and obviously each team want to win the league to get the bragging rights too. So there’s pressure on them both, especially as they’re both challenging for the title and one has to win and one has to lose.


You’ve been here a while now, how has Tottenham developed since you joined the club? It’s an amazing emergence isn’t it, it’s a real a big-hitting club…


Yes definitely, when I first came here it was a club on the up and we’ve had a few managers since which obviously wasn’t great for the stability of the team, but the stability we’ve got with the gaffer now is great and since we’ve had that stability it’s lifted us forward and everyone’s settled into the team and got comfortable and we’re able to build something from there.


How special is it having Harry Redknapp as a coach?


Yes it’s great, I think every players that goes on to the pitch, he gives us the confidence to go and do what we do best and I think that’s the main thing for me, the fact that when I go out onto the pitch he lets me do the stuff I do best and with all the other players too and I think that brings the best out of the team.


How much of a difference do you think Emmanuel Adebayor has made to Spurs this season?


I think he’s been a great signing for us, he’s a player that can hold the ball up, win the ball in the air and play the ball with his feet. He’s an all-round striker, which has helped us as a team. We’ve been able to play in all sorts of different ways with him and he’s a great goal-scorer as well which has helped.


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