Galveston Pirate Soccer Club owner and General Manager Brendan Keyes announced today the biggest deal ever for his side, that will see the National Premier Soccer League side have their matches beamed into thousands of homes around the area.

“I am glad to tell Texas we have come to an agreement with AZTECA America/KYAZ 51 to show all highlights of Galveston Pirate NPSL home games.  The news channel will run highlights from games and training sessions starting from Wednesday 15th.”

Keyes carried on by saying:” I am on cloud nine, I still can’t believe we have the backing of the biggest TV Channel in Mexico and now they are here in America.  Azteca programming is available in the top 70 US cities with over 89% of US Hispanics across the country tuning in to Azteca for their News and Entertainment.”

“I talked with Danny Gonzales, the Account Executive and we just hit it off. We knew a lot of the same people from our soccer/futbol playing days with the old Hurricanes up until the original Dynamo.”

Dorian F. Valenzuela who is an anchor on the sports show at 51 said:”I am really happy to be working with Mr.Keyes and the Galveston Pirate team.  I have watched them play recently and was very impressed.  They are growing fast with big games coming up in the National Cup with the chance to play MLS teams and of course Houston Dynamo if they get through qualifiers.”

The Pirate’s will play San Antonio Scorpions in what will be the biggest game in their three year history on March 9th in San Antonio and then rush back to Houston on 10th and 11th to participate in the above noted National cup qualifiers.

“It’s a very hectic schedule and not ideal” said Keyes, “but like I always say, with success comes headaches, it’s a problem but a nice one.”

“How often do you get to play an NASL team on a Friday night and then play in the National Cup the two following days? ” said Keyes, “The club is growing fast and joining with Azteca will propel us to another level. This will help us bring in more sponsors with the backing of Channel 51 that’s for sure and I hope to tie up some more big deals this week.”

The Galveston Pirate Soccer Club will be holding a press conference Monday March 5th at 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Resort Galveston where Channel 51 will be there with the cameras rolling as the team announce their full NPSL schedule and details; they will also reveal their newly designed uniforms, supplied by Admiral Sportswear out in the open for the first time.

Asked if this ranks up with the biggest deals in Pirate history Keyes said:”It blows everything else out of the water, it will not only promote the team but all of our sponsors will get much more exposure. It takes us to another level and we look forward to not only being on Channel 51 but also Dorion F. Valenzuela Deporte Independiente radio show every Wednesday night as part of the deal.”

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