FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Final: USWNT  5-2 Japan 

Carli Lyod who socred a hat-trick in the finak reacts:

It’s pretty amazing and we didn’t believe we could do something like that. We’ve shown in every match that we were ready and we’re very proud of our victories, but we made in history in getting off to a start like that against the world champions, and we took the trophy home.  What we’ve done is just legendary. We started so well, especially up front, but we stayed focused and solid. We stuck to our gameplan and we scored five goals in the final. It wasn’t an easy road but we finished first and unbeaten in the so-called group of death. We weren’t the best, and we came into the tournament second in the world ranking. We knew that nothing was going to be easy. What we’ve done is remarkable. It’s a historic performance.

I’m so happy with the ways things have ended. It’s what the team and everyone who’s been involved in this win deserves. We’re so proud. It’s unreal and it still hasn’t sunk in. It’s hard to believe that everything could have gone so well.