Champions Quarterfinals: FC Barcelona 2-1 Atletico Madrid

Fernando Torres scored the first goal for Atleti when Barcelona were dominating. Griezmann almost double the lead unless a miraculous save from tee Stegen. But Torres decided to punish himself and the team by getting two avoidable yellow card that sent him off the pitch after just 35 minutes of play. Luis Suarez came and stroke twice to seal the win and the one-goal advantage after the second leg.

Both coaches react to the win and one goal advantage before next week’s battle at the Vicente Calderon stadium.

Enrique – Barcelona: “First, let me just say we have to look at the fact we were playing against Atlético Madrid. They’re a very well organised team from a defensive standpoint. Our only defensive error allowed them to score a goal and made it even more complicated. We were much better than them from a collective standpoint. We were much better positioned too. 

We have room for improvement and the match at the Calderón will be a nice one. We enjoy challenges. It will be a special game. We have to win at the Calderón. If there’s any team that can do it, it’s us. The game we’re interested in now is the one against Real Sociedad [in La Liga].”

Suarez who scored a brace: “We knew from the beginning would be a tough game but the important thing is that we won. The two foul calls were a bit harsh but the expulsion was decisive. It will be very similar to tonight. But the result forces them to score no matter what if they want to go through.”

Simeone – Atletico: “I’m happy to have the team that I have. It’s a great work structure and a consolidated team. We played a fantastic first half up to 30 minutes. In the second half, we tried to stay alive for the second leg. Beyond the inequality there was in the match, we leave with a situation that allows us to have hope.

Next week, I imagine a Calderón packed and chanting throughout the whole game with enthusiasm. We are still alive.

Griezmann added: “As in La Liga, we have played a very good match here, but with the sending off, everything has become very complicated. They still had eleven and we faced the best team in the world. It was complicated and we wanted to keep the result, but they have made a difference.”