Whether you call it football or soccer, the sport that has millions of fans worldwide is slowly gaining in popularity in the United States. The biggest worldwide governing body of the sport, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, hasn’t hosted a World Cup in the US since 1994. However, with FIFA-associated professional clubs now playing nationwide in the US for both women and men, many people think that will change in the near future. Dallas, TX is home to one of these clubs, FC Dallas.


One benefit to locating the club in Dallas is the near year-round temperate weather. This allows players and staff alike to take advantage of the weather with outdoor workouts. Whether through the help of professional companies like custom pools Dallas, by hitting one of the metro area’s many outdoor exercise parks or even by enjoying the running tour of the city, there’s plenty for both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike to maintain interest and variety in their exercise programs. Professional soccer players really need to run as part of their daily training because on average, they run between seven and ten miles per game excluding goalies, of course.

That daily physical training accompanies actual game playing as part of everyday practice for your average professional soccer player. What better way to practice than to actually play the game, right? Players usually participate in drills and discuss strategies for both upcoming matches, the current season and next season daily as well.

Eating Right

Nutrition is a key factor in the overall health of a professional soccer player. Their daily calorie consumption should consist of about 60% carbohydrates, 25% fats and 15% proteins. Baked goods are not the carbohydrate of choice. Those should come from fruits and whole grains, as they’re the best sources to provide energy, reduce fatigue, sustain a player’s performance and promote muscle recovery. A soccer player’s proteins come from sources like lean meats, poultry, fish, nuts and legumes.

Restaurateurs of Dallas helps players maintain their conditioning through a variety of healthy choices. Options include many seafood choices, as well as offerings in the gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan varieties. Many eateries boast farm to table experiences with a fresh bounty of food. If you’re worried about variety, stop worrying. Tex-Mex, Italian, Korean, Indian, Mediterranean and Thai-inspired cuisines feature on many menus around the city to not only tempt your palate, but assist a health-conscious pro soccer player keep in top performance shape.

Community Involvement

The FC Dallas club also participates in community events frequently. In addition to club fundraisers, they hold youth clinics to encourage not just soccer skills, but also general health and play among a generation which seems to be glued to screens more than any previous one. Some fundraisers for which the players and staff contribute are geared towards helping keep those youth clinics afloat both financially and with an influx of interested kids. Players also help out with area soccer camps and a Special Olympics Team. The club itself sponsors a community give-back program through action grants to help under-served youth.

Play Time!

Between training, exercising and eating right, the average FC Dallas player doesn’t have a lot of downtime off the field. However when they do, there are plenty of things around Dallas to occupy them in the event they’d like to get out and have some fun. The athleticism of soccer players lends to dance and there are many documented instances of professional players busting a move for fun. The Dallas dance scene offers many delights. From hip hop to swing to blues to country line dancing, there’s something for everyone. Many players like to spend their free time in outdoor recreation like fishing and hunting. There are numerous opportunities for doing either in and around Dallas, especially for fishing. Most fishing spots are on lakes and you’ll find bass, crappie and catfish being the most plentiful catch you’ll find.

Dallas, TX is a great location for the increasingly popular sport of soccer to embrace as home.