Bundesliga week 24

With 10 more games to play Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich are tied on to of the Bundesliga. Well behind Dortmund a couple months ago, the Bavarians have turned around their season and keep a strong momentum for the next crucial weeks. 

They just humiliated a very good Gladbach side that ranks at the 4th place. FC Bayern went on a rout 5-1 away from home. 

Soon FC Bayern will host Liverpool FC in the return leg of the Champions League Round of 16 and will host Dortmund early April in what could a final for the title!

Coach Kovac hails his team’s focus:

“That was among the best of our performances this seasonWe did extraordinarily well over the 90 minutes. Of course, we couldn’t assume we’d win 5-1 here. Nobody can do that including us. Our team did well. If you look at the last Bundesliga games we’ve won all of them except the one against Leverkusen. That’s what we expect from ourselves. 

The team did very well, created a lot of chances and kept it tight at the back. When you win 5-1 at Gladbach then everybody would have taken that before the game.

We are happy to be level on points but we know we’re still in second place. Therefore we need to carry on working as we have in the past. We’ll do all we can on the pitch and hopefully end up top.

Momentum is on our side. We’re back on terms. Nothing has been won yet. We’ve made up three points but nothing more than that. It will be good for us to be happy today and hopefully carry on where we’ve left off next Saturday.”