FC Barcelona 0-3 Bayern Munich

Humiliation is an euphemism as the difference between both side was obvious. In two games, Bayern Munich dynamited Barca’s defense with 7 goals while conceding none..


Bayern Munich – Jupp Heynckes: “This team really pulls together. We get through outstanding work together, and we’re tremendously hungry for success. Both games have shown we’re capable of football at a very high level. We’re playing extremely high-speed football, we’re very well organised, we’re tactically smart, we close down the space, and our transitions are functioning perfectly this season. We’re a real team, from the front to the back.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “I’m almost having to pinch myself! We’ve won 3-0 here against the best team in the world, and we won 4-0 at home. That’s unbelievably good! I relaxed after we took the lead. I knew it meant they needed six, and I thought that wouldn’t be possible today. We’ve had two wonderful days against Barcelona, it went perfectly, but we won’t turn arrogant now. We’ve achieved something that’s very tough, making the final for the third time in four years. Now we want to lift the trophy! We’ll be confident when we go to London, and I believe we have a good chance of pulling it off.”

Arjen Robben: “4-0 at home, 3-0 here at Camp Nou – that’s historic! We can be proud and we should enjoy it. The mood is superb. Beating the world’s best team of the last five years so convincingly, and doing it at Camp Nou – what more do you want? We have a really fantastic team, masses of quality, and we all work together, in attack and in defence. We’ll celebrate getting through to the final, we’re looking forward to it, and obviously, we want to win the thing now.”


FC Barcelona Tito Vilanova: “I want to congratulate Bayern for reaching the final and for how well they played”

Barça “competed in the first half and in the second their early goal really put a lot of weight on us.” He added that his team “competed until the end, but in the end we couldn’t do it.”

Sandro Rossell (Barcelona President): “I want to congratulate Bayern, because they were clearly better than us and they deserve to be in the final. I think 7-0 is a bit much, but it doesn’t mean Bayern weren’t better. We lost the tie in Munich. I think Bayern are currently the best team in Europe and they’ll win the final, although you never know in football.”

Gerard Piqué (Barcelona): “We did what we could. The idea was to score the first goal before half-time, because then it might have turned out differently. But congratulations to Bayern! They played fantastic football.”

Xavi (Barcelona captain): “Warm congratulations to Bayern! Brilliant football! Bayern were more competitive than us today. We didn’t play well, so we have to look very hard at ourselves and improve. Bayern were clearly superior. Best of luck for the final!”




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