La Liga week 13

FC Barcelona and Atlético are currently first and second in La Liga and gave to the fans a real clash with two title contenders. Atlético Madrid were first to strike when Diego Costa converted a corner kick delivered by Frenchman Griezmann. We were playing the 77th minute and the local fans thought this was going to be enough. 

As the game came to an end, the substitute, Dembélé provided the equalizer, scroing his fifth goal in La Liga this season.

Altético coach, Simeone, is fustrated to have given up two points:

“It was a tough, tactic game in which neither team had many chances to score. We had one in a play between Griezmann and Costa in the second half. The truth is that there weren’t counter-attacks to take advantage of the spaces or possession to hurt us in small spaces.

It was a game of details. Details matter in a game between two big teams. We took the lead and in the end we needed a bit more luck for that ball not to go between Oblak and Lucas’ legs.”

Barcelona coach, Valverde, on bring back a point and staying leader of the League:

We tried to take the weight of the game, controlling their counterattacks and creating danger. But they defended very well and together.

We lacked an offensive spark. We didn’t generate as many goalscoring opportunities as in the last league match.

Dembélé is very good and has scored important goals. I hope he will help us a lot.”