La Liga week 26

FC Barcelona won the the second time within days at Real Madrid [0-3 in Copa Del Rey] and have won the last 4 times they visited the Bernabeu stadium. 

Today it was not Messi or Luis Suarez but Rakitic who gave the win to the Catalans. Real Madrid did not score against their eternal rivals for the second consecutive time in a row and gave any remaining title hopes, now back 12 points from the leaders.

La Liga is not over yet but chances for Atlético Madrid to catch on FC Barcelona are close to none. FCB coach, Valverde put it right: “We try to make the fans happy” 

Now Real Madrid understand they only have Champions League to save a disappointing season so far. Coach Scolari comments on another defeat against Barcelona:

“We tried our best and didn’t surrender. It was a hard-fought, serious and intense game from both sides. If you don’t score you can’t win. We played good football and answered a lot of questions, we just couldn’t finish it off.

We want to keep plugging away, righting those wrongs. The players did what they were asked and stood united. It was fairly balanced but the difference was that they scored. We needed to bury those chances we got. We tried in every possible way and played as a team, but we couldn’t snatch a goal”.