Champions League week 3

Chelsea won at Amsterdam 1-0 and take the lead in the Champions League group with 6 points. After losing their first game at home to Valencia [1-0], the Blues went on winning two away games in the competition and lead the charge with Ajax. 

Coach Lampard on the big against last year’s semifinalist:

“It feels huge. That always scares me because there’s a lot to do and it’s just six points halfway through the group now but we’re entitled to be excited about how we played tonight.

It can be a bit of a blueprint for us in terms of the work from the midfield players which was outstanding. The work of the wingers was outstanding, the work of the full-backs getting out to top players and stopping them making passes and easy decisions was absolutely outstanding. I could go through them all – Kurt Zouma, what a performance – but there’s no excuses for us now to dip from that. 

Sometimes the toughest part of management is leaving out players that really want to play week-in, week-out. You rely on them being positive and coming on to make an impact. Both Michy and Christian [Pulisic] did that so I’m delighted for them both and delighted for the whole squad because it’s great for team spirit when subs come on and make a difference like that.

The beauty of my role is I have Michy and Olivier Giroud, whose training and positivity when they’re not playing regularly is exactly what you want. Michy’s hold-up play instantly was good in the game. He made a difference and got his goal so I’m delighted for him.

We respected Ajax and that’s how we should be. I focus on ourselves a lot and the most pleasing thing I see at the minute is the desire to improve, take on information and follow a game plan. When you come into a new club, you do make changes and you rely on all the squad taking those bits in and working with that but the signs are good at the moment.”