League Cup Semifinal Leg 2: Aston Villa 2-1 Bradford City

After beating both Wigan and Arsenal on pks last rounds, Bradford preserve their 3-1 first leg home win to reach the final of League Cup. The first major cup run for the club since FA Cup win in 1911. They the first League 2 team in 50 years to have a chance to claim the trophy. Win for the final at

Parkinson post game quotes:

“It is such a -special night for the football club – you have to pinch yourself really to make sure what has just happened is all real.” “We said before the game that we are on the verge of history, and we’ve now gone and done it.

The Bradford City side that won the 1911 FA Cu...
The Bradford City side that won the 1911 FA Cup

“It is a special night for everyone connected with the football club – the supporters, the players, their families watching them in the crowd – to be part of that atmosphere and such an occasion is something we’ll never forget.

“The first half was tough for us because Villa are such a good side – they have so many really good attacking players.

“Once we got the lads back into the dressing room for half-time and calmed a few things down again though, we came out (for the second half) and we were a different side.

“I am so pleased for all of the lads – you could go through them all – they all deserve a mention.