The first public ticket sales phase for the FIFA Confederations Cup came to a close today (Tuesday, 15 January 2013) with the fantastic number of 399,525 ticket requests received from 78 different countries.

Due to the great demand for the Festival of Champions, a draw will take place for the oversubscribed matches and/or categories to ensure all fans stand an equal chance of receiving their preferred choices on

The applications will now be reviewed and draws will be conducted match by match as well as category by category, as required. This administrative process will take at least a couple of days to complete. Therefore, successful, unsuccessful and/or partially successful ticket applicants will be notified any time from 16 January until 14 February 2013 at the latest.

In this context, it is important to note that the applicants must have enough funds on their selected payment method to cover the price of the tickets they get assigned in the draw as the money will be deducted immediately once the tickets have been successfully allocated. If this payment process fails, the ticket order will be cancelled as per the terms and conditions and the tickets will be re-allocated to other applicants.

The city with most tickets requested was Salvador with 93,567, followed by Rio de Janeiro (88,420), Brasilia (68,912), Fortaleza (68,352), Recife (51,518) and Belo Horizonte (28,756). The most popular match so far during this application window has been the opening match Brazil versus Japan with 68,912 tickets being requested, followed by match 9 in Salvador, Italy against Brazil (68,114) and the Final in Maracanã/Rio de Janeiro (51,388). The vast majority of applications came from Brazil followed by USA, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Argentina.

It is important to re-emphasis that FIFA will not be able to fulfill all of the 399,525 ticket requests received during this sales phase as the number of ticket requests received for certain matches and categories exceeds the available inventory by far. It is equally important to highlight that FIFA will make sure that the CAT4 tickets are only available to Brazilian residents and to which students, elderly and Bolsa family members have priority access to, at least 50,000 tickets will be assigned during the draw in the next couple of days.

During the Visa pre-sales phase, which ended on 30 November 2012, 132,843 tickets were sold. The next sales phase starting on 15 February 2013 will be on a first-come-first-serve basis again via


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