MLS Regular Season – Chicago Fire 1:0 San Jose Earthquakes 

Scoring Summary:
CHI – John Goossens (unassisted) 58′

Veljko Paunovic, Chicago Fire Head Coach comments after the victory:

On the performance of John Goossens 

“I think of course he was not only the one who scored the goal but he played a great game together with the rest of the guys. It was the game plan that we had and I think it was a fantastic evening. Very, very passionate, very hard game. Lot of opportunities. I think we created more but also I think San Jose played a very good game and they’re always dangerous. I think they’re a very good team and having said that, I think we have the hero of the game for sure sitting here, for scoring the goal and his play afterwards. I know it was very hard for him. He was injured for a long time and now coming back and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, for him it is very important. But we have to keep in mind, next week we have to recover and prepare for the next game. We need another win, that’s our message. And the job is not done. It’s just starting actually. We have to take advantage of this momentum, of this great spirit that we created in the last two games. I’m especially thankful to our fans who especially today, supported the team, suffered with the team when we suffered and in the end we culminated with a great victory.” 

On how John is measuring up to expectations 

“Yes, we believed that John, he’s always a great, talented player and he needed an opportunity like this one and I think in a country like the United States and a league like MLS he’s quality, first as a person, then as a player. He really fit in very well. We are very happy with his performance but he knows how I am. I am going to push hard and he now has to manage with his body because that’s what every professional has to do and also understand how important everyone, not only him, is in this locker room. Every time the team needs it, someone has to be ready to give his best and be positive and disciplined.” 


On the return of a full strength attack 

“We are getting there. There is a long way to go, but at least finally, we passed the maturity test today where we create a couple of times and the momentum of where we can step to the next level and we couldn’t for different reasons but I think today that was perfect, the perfect day. I think we have to do what we are doing so far and believe in our process, like we always we say, ‘process, process, process, faith, faith, faith.’ So we’ve won two games in a row because, for me, the Open Cup game was a great game and from that is what we need to keep working on and keep another strike of clean sheet games, so we’ll work on that.” 

On being a tough team to play against 

“Absolutely, I love it. The guys know how I express myself in the locker room. After we congratulate each other, I think this is our identity. We are building our identity and what we are doing now, we are actually starting to like it. I think to feel it and say, ‘we are tough’ and we are going to be tougher and we are going to be better.” 

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