Premier League week 2: Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Chelsea FC

The Spurs do not like Wembley as they seem unable to win their matches there. Combined with last year’ Champions League losses, this another defeat at Wembley until the new stadia is built. 

For Chelsea, after an inaugural loss at home, the club responded very well by winning the derby for coach Conte‘s 50th game as head coach. He comments on the solid performance: 

‘I want to thank my players, everyone, because they showed me great desire, great spirit, great will, and great heart. 

‘They were fighters today and for sure I saw a lot of positive things in a moment not easy for us, with suspensions and injury. Don’t forget Hazard stayed out.

‘Despite this, to play away against Tottenham and to win is a fantastic result. It’s not easy. We suffered during the game, that’s normal, but I think we showed we were dangerous in every moment. We suffered but we were ready to try to score the second goal and the third goal.

‘Don’t forget last season, after 13 wins in a row, we lost against Tottenham. Instead today, I repeat, I saw a lot of positive things. I also want to thank our fans because the atmosphere was incredible. It’s great to play in this type of atmosphere and our fans were very important. They tried to push us in every moment of the game, above all when we were suffering a lot.

For us it’s very important to focus on ourselves. We know very well a lot of teams improved compared to last season. These teams were very strong last season because they invested a lot last season and also invested again this season. For us it’s important to look at ourselves and to work. It’s not important if we are not favorites in this league. It was the same last season. We know we are trying to improve our squad and the club is trying to do its best in the transfer market.

But I repeat, I am very happy: when I see this type of game, this spirit, this heart, this desire, I must be satisfied. My players gave me everything today. They did the same last season. Last week we started with a half not so good against Burnley, but in the second half they showed me great spirit as we tried to change the final result. We scored goals with 10 men and then nine men.

We have to continue to consider there are great difficulties this season but the only way we can get through this difficulty is to work.’

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