Two-times Champions league winner

2021 UEFA Champions League final

Chelsea battled Manchester City to win their second Champions League trophy in club’s history after 2012. The Blues overcame the Cityzens by one goal scored right before the break from Havertz, 1-0. 

Premier League and League cup champions, Guardiola and his squad had hopes to make a historic season by winning the treble. Tuchel, who joined the club from PSG at the end of last year, had just lost the FA Cup to Leicester. He will know be part of Chelsea’s history alongside Di Mateo as the two manager to ever win the Champions League for the club.

No Luck for First time Finalist 

This has been going over 20 years now, since 1997 no club has ever won the Champions League on its first try. Last time was in 1997 when Borussia Dortmund beat Juventus. Since then every club that reached the final always lost. Last year it is Paris Saint-Germain, this year Manchester City suffered the same fate. 

Chelsea rejoices the victory as a team. The season was long and tough and the club made it to the Premier League top 4 on the last day of the league. Chelsea were not the favorites in the final but they managed to upset City. 


Coach Tuchel on what the trophy means for his team

“I was so grateful to arrive here [in the final] a second time. It felt different. I told everybody that before. Somehow we could feel it every day coming closer but we were comfortable.

We needed a top-level performance and we needed a strong bond just to have a chance to win this match. This is what we did and I am very happy to share this moment with this team and with all the staff, with all the guys who support on an everyday basis at Cobham. The team fights for them.

The effort was huge. We overcome some difficult moments and some very dangerous moments with fantastic attitude to defending.”

We have a strong group who can really defend and defending is a huge part of football. They have a huge energy together and they can deliver under pressure. So this sets the level for us and once the celebrations are over and we have all digested this experience, it’s the moment to grow, to evolve, and to use it to become better.

Guardiola hoped to win the Champions League with another club after Barcelona in 2009 and 2011.

Man City went through PSG in the semifinals to have a chance to win the UEFA trophy. Coach Guardiola on failing to win the first ever Champions League for Manchester City.

“It was a tight game and I think, being the first time in the Champions League (final), we played a really good final. We showed courage, especially in the second half.

It’s not easy to play this competition for all of us, it’s our first time (in the final) but we did everything. I just want to congratulate the players for an exceptional season and the game they played today.”


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