Chelsea explode at Newcastle.

Chelsea had slim hopes to reach the Champions League next year but their hopes did not last long as Newcastle easily took the best of a pale Chelsea team defeated 3-0.  

It was probably the last Premier League game as manager for Antonio Conte, who took the team to win the Premier League last year. This season the team finished at the fifth place.

More importantly, Chelsea fail qualify to the Champions League and will join Arsenal in the Europa League. It is a major disappointment for such a wealthy club, a result that could trigger many player movements as the team looks to rebuild during the offseason. 

There will be one last challenge for the team this year as they look to win the FA Cup against Manchester United on Saturday. 

Coach Conte on the season:

‘For sure we did not play a good game,’ he stated. ‘From the start Newcastle outplayed us I many aspects. I think they today showed great desire, great will to fight and to take three points and finish this season in the best possible way. I am sure we can do better than today.

For the next game, for sure we must change. If we think we can play a game like this in the final of the FA Cup then we don’t have a chance.

We have five days to change our approach and desire and will to fight. I am the coach of this team and after a game like this, I am the first to answer for this bad game.

There was a great frustration because in our mind there was will to finish the season in the best possible way. This time from the start we did not show the right will to finish the season in the best possible way. Newcastle outplayed us and deserved to win.

We have an important game in five days and now we have to prepare in a different way than today. Our fans deserve more.’