Premier League – Chelsea 2-0 West Ham United

Coach Chelsea Mourinho reacts:

On the game:

There’s no perfection but we played very well against a difficult team,’ said the Portuguese. ‘We played well in two different versions; the first against a defensive side, and we were very good, we moved the ball, there was a good dynamic and lots of chances. In the second half we played against an attacking team that made changes by putting on faster players and playing direct balls into space.

We coped well and found ways to counter attack. It’s very important for a team to identify different moments of the game and to be able to adapt. Today was a good example of that, the players did very well.’

‘The results are good, the players are happy. I’m happy as a coach because the team is playing well. I’m happy as a guy because I love my players. It’s important to feel happy with the people that surround me, it’s something I missed for a while and with this group I have a group that I love.’

on the next game vs Southampton:

“They are getting results and they are the kind of team that in this moment has no pressure as relegation is very far away and the title is not for them. So they are in a fantastic situation to play beautiful football like they are doing.’

‘At the moment it is difficult to choose 11 players plus seven substitutes because everybody is fit.

‘Against West Ham I had to leave out Remy, Salah and Ake, people who are working a lot to have an opportunity, so it is good problems for me.

‘The players are human, like the Southampton players are human and it will be very difficult for us and for them, but we have to do it and before the West Ham match I had the same feeling I have before every Boxing Day – so proud.

‘We get the salaries we get because people are in love with the game and if people want football, we must give them football so we are so happy to do it.’

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