Chelsea scored six goals at Everton 

Coach Jose Mourinho speaks after the game:

I don’t think anybody expects nine goals in a Premier League game between two top five teams from last season. ‘But they played to win, they played to score, and we played to win, and we played to score. When you have two teams like that lots of goals are possible.

‘We made defensive mistakes. I don’t want to speak for Everton and Roberto [Martinez] but my team made defensive mistakes. I just said on Chelsea TV before I came down that it’s difficult to believe on Wednesday afternoon we trained for one-and-a-half hours and we did only two things: defensive corners and defensive lateral free-kicks.

‘Imagine how happy I am with the result of our work! It would have been better to give them Wednesday off and stay at home with my wife and kids!

‘When the opponent scores against us I want it to be because they were brilliant or because they did something that was difficult to control. We made four defensive mistakes: for the three goals, despite them being great finishes, and when Courtois made a fantastic save with the result at 4-3.’

‘The quality of our football was fantastic. Every time we had the ball we were aggressive, every time we had the ball we were dangerous. On the counter-attack and in organised football we were very good with the ball.

‘I want the team to play the way we did and be positive. At half-time we were winning 2-1 and I was telling them that against a team like Everton you cannot sit back and defend for 45 minutes. You have to try to hurt them and score goals. Our team is very positive.’

‘The only thing I didn’t like in this game, apart from some defensive mistakes, was the way some Everton players were trying to give problems to Diego. I don’t think this is English football, and I think it’s a contradiction with the Everton team because they are a positive side in every aspect of the game. To be chasing cards with a player that once more had good behaviour, and was just here to play football and to win the match, is disappointing.

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