EPL: Chelsea 3-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Even without Diego Costa, Chelsea had no trouble putting down Tottenham.  Nothing and no one seems able to stop Chelsea.

Coach Mourinho speaks to the press after the game:

On missing Diego Costa..

‘If we don’t have a player we don’t cry about it. We give confidence to the other players and they respond in the best way.

‘Obviously Drogba did very well, Remy the same, but I would prefer to speak about the team. It was a very difficult match against a very good Tottenham, who were better than us in the first 20 minutes but the team were able to face a difficult moment, be stable, score and manage the game in the right way. It was an important victory.

‘We are doing well, getting good results in every competition. I don’t think we should speak too much about it, we must go game after game, play the best we can and try to get the best results.’

On Drogba..

‘He’s a team player firstly, after that he has an old-style mentality; not selfish, not vain, humble guy, plays for the team and fights for the team.

‘When he’s on the bench and he comes to play the last couple of minutes because the team needs somebody to hold the ball he does that with the same enthusiasm and spirit which he starts the game with.

‘I played against him with Real Madrid and also last year when he was at Galatasaray, so I could see the potential he still has. I knew from a mental point of view he would adapt to his role, not playing every game, which is a very important role for the team.

‘The club want him to stay, I want him to stay so it will be his decision when he decides to stop as a player.’


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