Chelsea beat Southampton to play Man Utd at Wembley

Giroud scored a wonderful goal to put Chelsea on the board as the team never looked back afterwards. In a somewhat difficult season Chelsea will trey to take home the trophy in London at Wembley stadium.

Chelsea Coach Conte on the win:

“The most important thing in this type of game is to reach your target, in this case the final of this competition.

It’s very important for the players, for the club and especially for our fans. I’m delighted for them. Always this season they showed great passion and pushed us in every moment, difficult moments and positive moments.’

On Giroud 

‘He has been a good signing for us, for sure. I needed a player with his characteristics: strong physically, able to hold the ball up allow our no.10 to make combinations with him.

‘Morata is an important striker. He is younger than Olivier and has less experience. He is less strong physically, but he is very fast to attack the space. I’m pleased for both of them.’

‘I knew we had to play against three central defenders who are very strong physically, so I decided to start with Olivier, but when Morata came on his impact was impressive, in the same way as Pedro and Bakayoko’s impact was.’

‘This final will be a game between two great teams. Last season we arrived in the final as favourites; this season we will arrive not as favourites, but last season we lost the final despite being favourites at that moment.’