We are fast approaching that time of year again. You all know what it is, everyone huddles around the TV watching Skysports News, phones out constantly refreshing the BBC sports website, everybody confirming and denying deals from their twitter sources, that’s right, its the end of the transfer window!

Being an Arsenal fan, this is usually a depressing time, while every other club is out buying presents, Mr. Wenger is telling me that I should be happy with what I have got and be grateful for the pennies in the bank. But I don’t want pennies, I want shiny trophies so I can tell all my mates how my team is better than theirs.

But this year is different, we sold our 56″ inch Fabregas TV, traded in our Nasri Laptop, now we must buy, surely, or risk living in an unfurnished Emirates. Rumours are flying everywhere, and yes this all should have been sorted in the summer, and yes we all know what we need, but lets enjoy the excitement of a frantic last day of trading.

I personally have my eyes on the new Cahil action figure, some M’villa dumbells and maybe if I dare to dream, a Hazard video game. Chances are that Wenger will promise the world then buy some cheap alternative brand, say a Park or a Dann and say its just as good as the real thing. But until Wednesday night, I can still dream!

Jasmit Jabbal

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