BPL week 11: Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool

This is the 6th defeat for Chelsea in 11 Premier League games. One sure thing England will have a new champion this season and so far Arsenal and Manchester City are leading the charge. On the other side, it was Klopp’s first win as Liverpool manager and a maquee moment for his first victory.

CHELSEA – Mourinho comments on the situation:

‘There are things that are out of our hands. The players tried. You could feel, and not just because we scored in the first couple of minutes, the attitude, desire. It was 50-50 despite the fact we were winning 1-0. There were two minutes of added time (in the first half) and we conceded the goal after two minutes and 35 seconds.

‘What happened in the second half was a consequence of crucial moments, moments that the stadium saw, and more than just see it, the players felt it. From then what happened was just a consequence.’

‘I have no doubt. If you saw some individual performance below a normal level there were not many, a maximum of a couple. Even those ones suffered because they were not able to do more. The team is together.’

‘I take comfort but what feeds me is not just the support of the fans, but the recognition of our work, and that is by getting results. I have some players really sad in the dressing room and I’m full of respect for them.

‘We see match after match that as professionals they are not getting the respect they deserve. We are not going to have a great Saturday dinner, our families have the same feelings as us, and I’m really sorry about the lack of respect for professionals.

LIVERPOOL – on the first win with his new team:

“We didn’t have the best start in the game. We needed a few minutes to come into it and Chelsea made their goal – one of those strange situations where there were four against two in the corner and they made the cross.

“They made their goal but we stood in the game. We had our moments, we played football and our build-up with short passes – what we want to do – was very good.

“They tried to make high pressure but we could play in the spaces between. So we could change the situation a little bit and I think in the first half we deserved it.

“Of course, it’s dangerous because of the quality of Chelsea with the counter. But we controlled these situations; not perfectly, we showed the guys a few situations at half-time where we had to protect our situations better. We made a goal and deserved the draw at half-time.

“In the second half it was an open game, we got a little bit more of the game and made our goals in two perfect moments for us. Shoot at the right moment, don’t shoot at the wrong moment, take the ball to a better situation and then shoot. A little bit of luck, of course, but I feel it was deserved.

“At the end, we had to work hard but that’s normal if you want to win at Chelsea. We had to work hard and that’s what we did.”

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