After finding out that no other professional soccer team wants him or is willing to pay the ridiculous asking price for him, Carlos Tevez has rejoined English Premier League (EPL) leaders Manchester City with his tail between his legs. Tevez was forced to issue a publicly apology to the club and its fans before manager Roberto Mancini would allow him to rejoin the squad. He also dropped an appeal against the club after he was fined for gross misconduct and docked six-week’s pay.

Carlos Tévez

Tevez was originally suspended back on Sept. 27 when he refused to warm up and play in City’s Champions League game in Germany against Bayern Munich. After the game, Mancini said Tevez was finished with the club. The 28-year-old Tevez then left the team without permission in November and returned to his homeland of Argentina for three months. City tried to sell him during the transfer window in January, but couldn’t find any takers. Since that window is now closed and Tevez isn’t making any money he decided to return to Britain on Feb. 14 and report back to the club. However, he stirred up more controversy by saying Mancini had treated him like a dog.

City has fared well without the striker, but were just two points ahead of cross-town rivals Manchester United in the standings on Feb. 22 and feel they may need some help if they are to hang onto first place. Mancini said he would let Tevez train with the squad if he issued the apology and he’s now rejoined the team and has his own fitness program to work on.

The player released the apology to the press on Feb. 21 and it said he apologizes unreservedly and sincerely to everybody he has let down over the past few months. He added that he just wants to focus on resuming his career with Manchester City Football Club and stated he could be ready to play again in about two weeks time.

While he was in Argentina, Tevez was found guilty of gross misconduct. City tried to sell him and there were a few European teams that showed interest, but were turned off by the asking price of 25 million pounds (US $39 million) for somebody with such a poor track record and attitude. Tevez had already requested a transfer from Manchester last season and a move to the Brazilian club Corinthians last summer fell through.

Overall, Tevez has lost close to $15 million dollars so far in fines and bonuses. He appealed the six-week fine he received on the gross-misconduct charge, but lost it. He then appealed to the English Premier League, but knew his club wouldn’t take him back unless he dropped it. City released a statement that said Tevez apologized and has returned to the team after going missing for three months without permission and withdrawing his appeal. It’s still likely that City will sell Tevez as soon as somebody meets their asking price in the offseason.

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