Arsene Wenger still believes in Arsenal’s chances to win the League

“If we win all the eight games, we have more than a chance to win the league, but our target is to win the games. Let’s start to be pragmatic, and win the next one” against Watford today.

It depends on the results of Leicester City. We are depending on Leicester City and nobody knows how they will go in the last seven games. They have seven games, we have eight. What is important is that we play our eight games with complete commitment and passion, and see where we finish.

Everyone says Leicester City is a team who have overachieved but now you see all their players go to play with their international teams and they are the best players in their national team. It is no coincidence that when a team does well, they have good players.

The stress becomes bigger but Leicester are in a very strong position at the moment. They can still lose it. The only way we can achieve that is with us performing. So let’s focus on doing well until the end of the season by giving our absolute best.”

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