17 years with Juventus Turin

From 2001 to 2018, Gianluiggi Buffon was the legendary GK of Juventus Turin. After 17 years he made the decision to leave the club at the end of the season. His name will always be recognized as a legend of the club where he won so many titles.

In his career with the Old lady, he was able to put his hands on nine Italian Serie A titles and four Italian Cups. There are not many Italian players with such a record. 

Gigi Buffon address to the media to make his announcement:

“I’m proud to have played to the best of my ability right up until now, with performances which befit both myself and this club. I am making this decision in a calm and happy state of mind, which is not to be taken for granted for a sportsperson.

If I feel as strong as I do at the age of 40, that is all thanks to Juventus and the mentality here. My own philosophy is built around that of the club and I shall continue to live my life in that way, as that’s the only way I know to achieve results.

The most exciting proposal for my career off the pitch has come from the president. Next week, after a few days to reflect, I shall make up my mind and follow my best instincts.

If my future indeed lies off the pitch, it will be necessary to undergo a training course in order to understand the right path to take and what role I could occupy.

If instead I decide to continue my career on the pitch, it will boil down to whether I still have the necessary drive and strength. It’s something that I’d need to think long and hard about. I don’t want to end up playing in lower leagues.

It had even crossed my mind to spend time away from football. These have been tough months for me, but in April I returned confident and happy. Ultimately, a six-month break might do me good.

I’m proud to have received many proposals for the future, but it’s in my character to launch myself into the next challenge with the utmost dedication.”

President Agnelli added on to the football legend:

“Gigi has been with us all the way on this long and eventful rollercoaster ride of a journey. When we descended into Hell in 2006, he stayed with us and played his part in our return to Paradise. We will be forever grateful for his loyalty.

Gigi knows that he has my full support for the future. I wish for him to enjoy Saturday at Allianz Stadium. I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Gigi for everything he has done here.

“Legends do exist. Approximately 30% of our trophies at Juventus Museum bear your name, Gigi. You deserve a huge round of applause.”