Champions League playoffs: Basel 0-4 Manchester United

Coach MUFC van goal comments on a glorious night:

On the performance: “Yes we think that we were very organised and we played the ball more simply than before. You can create in the gaps, we have done that and we scored. That is also good.”

On confidence among the squad: “We already believe, I don’t think that shall change. We need more victories like this. For the fourth time we kept a clean sheet and created a lot of chances, because Brugge must come [and attack], they were very open. It was relatively easy, but you have to do it as it’s not so easy as everybody thinks. I was happy.”

Has Rooney been boosted by a hat-trick? “Yes of course, every goal shall give confidence to every player and also to Wayne. But I am very happy for him. He was generous to give the penalty to Chicha but I think it was a slip. I haven’t seen the images again yet… Wayne has the best mentality that you can imagine. Such players of that level shall always come back.”

So where will you watch Thursday’s group-stage draw in Monaco? “I think I shall watch the second team because eight players of mine play against Ajax and I think that is more important because I cannot do anything to have any influence on the draw, so I will only hear it.” 

Has the Champions League changed since you were last a part of it? “Of course I have seen matches on the television and I think that it is the highest podium. It was also ten years and it was twenty years ago, it is the highest podium that you can show yourself or your team. It is fantastic to be a participant.”

Is your team ready to face Barcelona or Bayern Munich? “I don’t think they want to draw us!”

Can United go a long way in the Champions League? “We have to wait and see. Of course, this was a glorious night for Manchester United and it is not so easy to do what we have done but Swansea City [in the Barclays Premier League on Sunday] is the most important match now. Last year we lost six points against them and we have to improve that.”

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