Confederations Cup final: Brazil 3-0 pSain

Brazil coach – Felipe Scolari:

“We are still not a team that is complete, we know that we have a good group but we still have to prove a lot. But today, we embarked on the path to 2014,” said Scolari, reappointed seven months ago for a second stint in charge.

“It was fantastic to hear the crowd singing ‘the champions are back’ but a long path stretches ahead of us. Yet I am sure people will now respect Brazil a little more.”

“In the past 30 days we have beaten four former world champions in France (in a pre-event tune-up), Italy, Uruguay and now Spain,” he remarked matter of factly.

“My team pay from the bottom of their hearts. We will now be working with a little bit more trust knowing we have the capacity and maybe rise above the level even of today’s match,” he told reporters, explaining he just wants “to set up a competitive team which can go for the title at the World Cup.”

“I think we are improving, there is more trust and the supporters give it back and that is very nice. When we come together we become strong.

“Apart from the quality of all of our players we had the crowd behind us and I believe that is very important, that unity, that spirit.

Spain coach – Vicente Del Bosque:

Brazil were better than us and we have to congratulate them. “We had some bad luck at the start of the game, at the end of the first half and at the start of the second, but I don’t want to make any excuses because they were the better team,” he said.

“They had more energy than us and they channelled that into every move they made.”There are some days when nothing goes right for you and it was like that from the very first minute,” he said.

“They scored very early on and then they sat back. There was then a lot of space between attack and defence. You have to congratulate Brazil because they knew exactly how to play against us”

“They played better football than us. Perhaps when you lose you come to different conclusions than when you win. It’s possible that we felt the physical strain, but they also had a difficult game the day before us and they recovered better than we did.”

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