English: Map showing the host cities of FIFA 2...
English: Map showing the host cities of FIFA 2014 World Cup Português: Mapa com as cidades sede da Copa 2014 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The World Cup in Brazil is less than five months away. For fans of the qualified nations and the World Cup neutral (does such a thing really exist? – not if you believe Danny Baker) wanting to experience Brazil 2014, time is running out to buy tickets and prepare travel plans for what is going to be a tricky World Cup for logistics.

There has always been something special about a World Cup in Brazil. While England is the birthplace of the sport, the creator and codifier, Brazil is its spiritual home. Expectations are high across Brazil, to the south in Argentina and Uruguay; east in Chile and north in Colombia, where the South American nations hope to ruin their giant neighbour’s shot at immortality. In Europe, Germany, Spain and Italy hope to become the first European nation to win in the Americas.

However, Brazil is going to present some tricky logistical challenges for the average fan. Like USA 94, the competition is being held in a huge country. There are key differences. Brazil’s infrastructure is not as well developed; especially when the Amazon is involved. Another problem is that group games are not concentrated geographically to minimize movement, but are spread around the 12 distant host cities from Manaus in the jungle to southern Porto Alegre.

This is why it is important for there to be a guide that helps World Cup fans to minimize costs, work out cheap options and avoid overpricing. This Brazil 2014 guide contains information on saving money, the schedule and dedicated pages to each of the host cities.

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