By Mariano de Micheli

Argentina lost abysmally to Germany and the flaws the team had been hiding came out. Because the team was winning comfortably every match it played, this hidden flaw seemed not to be taken into account.
Combining young and gifted players with some elder ones, Joachim Löw was able to put an incredible team together and stop the Argentineans best players. Messi was unable to show his talent because Maradona did not put the players he feels most comfortable playing with like Veron, so Barcelona’s 10 had no partner to associate with and penetrate through the Germans’s defense. Unlike what happened throughout the tournament, Di Maria and Demichelis weren’t the worst of the team, and had a good game, but their performance was not enough to stop a defeat that was inevitable from the beginning. Germany played superbly. With Schweinsteiger at the lead, Germany imposed its rhythm and created many dangerous situations. Müller and Podolski totally abused Otamendi and Heinze. Özil did not have his best day, but he always found freedom to move around the midfield, taking advantage of the external spaces left when defending. With the Argentinian strikers well marked, Messi was enclosed by Khedira and Schweinsteiger.

Defeat means failure for the Argentinean national team, which over the past four years has never been able to establish a team capable of benefiting Lionel Messi, the best player on the planet. Despite the disgraceful departure from South Africa, Maradona has not confirmed yet whether he leaves the team management or not; his contract ending after the 2011 Copa America, which the “Albicelestes” will host. To define his future, the best player ever will take the next few days to think it through.

The Argentinean players are still the best ones in the world, as demonstrated in the major leagues. Messi is the king of Spanish football and Cambiasso, Zanetti and Milito and the ones in Italy, France is dominated by Lisandro Lopez and Tevez as one of the best of last season in England, Argentina has the striking position well covered. But still the national team fails to play defending a strategy that is liked by most of the people that says the best defense is a good offense.
While Brazil, France, England and Italy are in crisis and are working to recover their best level, Argentina does not know yet what will happen to its future. Players like Messi, Higuain, Romero, Mascherano, Aguero and Pastore must not be wasted, that is why the national team needs a change on the coaching staff. It must not have the arrogance that characterizes Maradona, who has not made any self-criticism on the match against Germany.
With their dreams intact, the Argentinean fans expect some changes, improvement and evolution in their team, which has not been a strong point over many years.

With the Copa America coming up, the Argentinean soccer looks forward to a new coach, to strengthen a team with Messi as a leader and become once again a one of the strongest teams in the world.

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