By Mark Vincent Lincir

The thoughts are racing through my mind at warp speed now and I can’t clear my head of them. What will I do after Sunday’s Final? After the last World Cup, it hit me hard, really hard, especially since I had spent two weeks over in Germany enjoying the festivities (we went nuts!).

The days after the last World Cup left me lost, lonely and confused. Why weren’t people I barely ever heard from not texting me every mid-morning anymore? Why was I suddenly getting call from people I didn’t walk to talk to during games time?

This time around I think it might even be worse. The summer heat is beating me into submission. I don’t have any plans to hit the beach anytime soon and my soccer travel budget was shot in April when I took my lovely wife to England for two weeks (it was lovely, I’m not being sarcastic!).

But I need to look on the brighter side of things. Manchester United will be stateside and though I won’t catch a game live it will be interesting to see how they fare against the MLS All-Stars, KC Wizards and Philly Union. We’ll get to my predictions on those matches at a later blog.

The European seasons are just around the corner and so is Euro Cup qualifying. Major League Soccer has some interesting story lines (can the Galaxy win it all?) and the transfer window is sure to be insane.

It’s still not the same as a World Cup summer, but then again, nothing is. Enjoy it while it lasts, invite your buddies over for the games this weekend and debate everything soccer until the sun comes up. I know I will…or at least until late evening.

THE THIRD PLACE GAME has me interested for one reason only…will Luis Suarez get called for another handball? And how intentional will it be? The fact that he is playing is wrong, he should have received a two match ban from FIFA. I would like to see Diego Forlan win the Golden Boot Award, he’s a quality player that works his butt off. I think Germany will do up Uruguay something fierce, like 4-1. I’ll get to my predictions on the Final tomorrow. The way it looks for my fantasy tournament that I am participating in is not good. I will get a participation award and won’t come close to win, showing or placing.

A lot of people tell me that I have the perfect face for radio…so make sure to listen to me on 850 KOA radio in Denver Friday morning 7:20 am local time if you’re out of bed. I’ll be talking everything World Cup, check it out!

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Enjoy the consolation game Saturday and either host that party or get yourself invited to one for Sunday’s classic. It’s sure to be a good one.

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