Bundesliga – Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Augsburg

 Coach Jurgen Klopp reacts after another defeat (11 in 19 games..) as his team is bottom last!

“The result hurts. But we must not pretend that we have nothing to do with this. The goal is to defend five or six times, at the end Bobadilla is free to score. We also createD great occasions on goals but still nothing is going our way. In our situation, there is little positive to report. After the red card (for Augsburg) we have not brought enough on the pitch to win”.

“We had the best opportunity in added time when Ciro had the ball on his head. The nerves play a role in our situation, and that is beyond question. We need to hold on tight. Tonight we can be accused of everything, everything is legitimate, but we will not give up. It goes on, we keep fighting. There were good approaches there, but they have not passed. We need to be more consistent in the conclusion of our situations”. 

We are lacking trust. We need an expert and we need to give the boys their faith back. We come to the conclusion that our situation has already seen a slight improvement, but in the end is the same thing out there. We are conceding a new loss, and to that extent the results are also similar. I am very disappointed; I cannot be more. Nothing will be easy, it is clear.  We will not give up”