Liga BBVA: Barcelona 6-0 Getafe

Coach Luis Enrique reacts:

Messi, Suarez and neymar have now scored more than 100 goals total during the season! You cannot find any better in the world.

“I don’t remember ever seeing a game with quite so many spectacular goals” he glowingly said afterwards. “When the team is as effective as that, they’re unstoppable.”

“I want to congratulate the team” he continued. “Things could have turned difficult today but the players resolved the situation in the best possible way”.

Here is a selection of other comments made after the game by Luis Enrique:

Goal creation

“We created a lot of chances, a lot of pressure situations. The team was well positioned”

“What I like are the things that enable us to create these goalscoring chances”.

Top form

“Who can guarantee that we’ll keep up this high standard of play? Football can produce all kinds of surprises”

“We’re not going to start taking it easy. We know there are still four games left to play. Are we’re up against a very dignified opponent in Real Madrid.”

“We’re not thinking about what might happen, we’re thinking about doing everything possible to make sure it happens.”

Solid defence

“We don’t only have a team that creates goalscoring opportunities. We also know how to defend. There is the attacking side to what we do, but also the defensive side.”

“There is still room for improvement. I don’t doubt that we can still get better. But I don’t remember ever seeing so many great goals in the same game.”

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