Bayern Munich 3-1 Dortmund

What a way to celebrate the title against the strongest arrival in the league in Borussia Dortmund! The German classic between two of the strongest teams in Europe crowned Bayern for a historic 10th consecutive time, a decade of championships.

Reactions from the winners:

Thomas Müller won his 11th Bundesliga title with Bayern:

“You first have to bring that onto the pitch. Becoming league winners is just the most beautiful thing. The Bundesliga is what the fans go to the stadium for. We wanted the title so badly. There’s been a lot of frustration in the last few days – we were able to get that off our chest. We showed them what’s what.

Of course, we have a great squad, and great players, but you have to do it on the pitch first. Becoming Bundesliga winners are always the best thing. The Bundesliga is what the fans go to the stadium for. Today everything is just terrific. We set out to do it and it came off.”

Coach Julian Nagelsmann: “It felt good. It was important that we got over the line today. It was a good setting. The beer shower was quite cold, I’m still a bit cold now. It’s my first big title and a significant moment. It wasn’t all that easy, we took some knocks that weren’t easy to come back from. That’s why it’s all the more wonderful now. The team has great character.”

GK Manuel Neuer: “We’re super happy. The only thing better than winning the title in a game like this would be doing so with the real trophy here. Thomas [Müller] and I are champions for the tenth year in a row – that’s incredible! For us, it was about finishing the season in a controlled manner after losing out to Villarreal. There were 75,000 fans in the Allianz Arena and we definitely didn’t want to let [Dortmund] take that opportunity away from us. Of course, we had a few low moments, but you can see that everyone wants to play. That’s what’s special about our team.”

Robert Lewandowski: “Being league winners is a great story. You have to enjoy that. It was a game where we showed we are here and want to be champions. Every title win is different. Today it was a clear win and we showed that we’re better. It’s not easy to always show this consistency, to play great football all season. It’ll probably take a few years to realize what a great success it’s been to win the title for the tenth time in a row.”