FC Bayern Munich have no match in Germany

This is the best team in the country and one of Europe’s best that has dominated the League from start to finish. The club wins their 28th Bundesliga and 6th in a row.

They have the best offense and the best defense in the League and have won 23 out of the first 29 games. They have the best striker in the League with Lewandowski who has scored twice as many goals (26) as the second bet striker (13)…

Competition is weak next to them as shown last week when they destroyed Borussia Dortmund 6-0. 

Coach Heynckes comments: 

“The coach is responsible for the big picture, but first and foremost the players are the protagonists. I have a very well-functioning coaching team, everyone’s doing an outstanding job. Everyone played their part in the success. We raised a glass to good music in the dressing room.

Everyone can be pleased, it’s magnificent. It was the highlight of my career when I was a player. I’d like to send my regards to Italy, to Carlo Ancelotti. He guided the team at the beginning of the season, warm congratulations on winning the championship title. He’s not only a great coach but also a great person.”

Franck Ribéry who won his 8th League title with the club: 

“It’s always a special moment when you know you’re champions, and it’s important to us! We’ve worked hard for it from the beginning of the season. We have a superb team. It’s very nice.”

Arjen Robben scored a goal and was happy: 

“It’a always nice. We turned in a focused performance today, especially after going one down. People from outside always say we have to win the title, but it’s up to us to achieve it. There are no presents in the Bundesliga. A huge compliment to the team. We have to enjoy it but stay focused on football.”