Champions League: Atletico Madrid 1-0 Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich was the second team [with Manchester City] to totalize only wins so far this season. This statement was true up until the Champions League match in Madrid against Atletico where the Bavarians suffered their first loss this season 1-0.

FCB coach Carlo Ancelotti:

“We controlled the game, but taken altogether we lacked aggression and determination in one-on-ones. We lost possession too often and were too slow. You have to be quicker and make use of your chances against Atlético. It wasn’t a good display. However, it was only one game. It’s going to be better next time.”

Atletico coach Diego Simeone:

I feel lucky to be the manager of these players. They play with a passion and a commitment that is very difficult to achieve. I liked everything from today. The team pressured very well at the top. It also interpreted well going on the counterattack and when they had to suffer, they suffered. We played against one of the best rivals in the world. It has been one of the best performances we have made.”

In life, there are moments that are difficult to repeat, and the one we are living is one of them regarding management, football, stands and the opportunity to have a fantastic stadium to come. They are moments that are not going to come back.