Bayern Munich:

Jupp Heynckes: “Overall, it was a deserved victory against a magnificent team. All credit to my lads! We played good football and we worked hard, an outstanding display. Real were good in the first ten to 15 minutes, but we took control after that. Afterwards, we were smart and saw it through to the end. The players have to give everything they have physically in matches like that, and they did so.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “It was an emotion-laden match. Real showed just what a good team they are. They played very well at the start, but they were a little shocked by our goal. What they have up front with Benzema, Özil and Cristiano Ronaldo is really first-class. At the end we had the luck on our side and we’ve won 2-1. We can be proud of today’s victory. We’re not without a chance in Madrid.”

Real Madrid’s coach Jose Mourinho

“Real Madrid always play to win and the team is ready to respond in a game in which the crowd will surely want to help.”

“I believe a draw would have been fairer, but that’s football for you: whoever scores wins. It doesn’t matter if you do so in the first or last minute. This result isn’t awful because it doesn’t force us to make an historic comeback at home. We’ll have to earn a normal result and I think we’re ready to respond. We’ll start preparing for it after Saturday’s match.”

“We wanted to win tonight. We conceded a goal from a set piece in the first half, during which we played our best. We then drew the score and we felt it was difficult to win even though we did our best at times. Both sides made mistakes and Bayern scored when the it seemed the game would end in a draw. Their first goal was offside, but I cannot criticise the referee for that. I don’t feel negative about it.”

“This is April and we’ve reached this far after playing very demanding games that we were forced to win, so it’s normal for some players to fail to be in optimum form. I think this is normal at this stage.”

“We lost because Bayern scored in the 90th minute.”

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