Champions League round of 16: FC Barcelona 6-1 PSG (6-5 on aggregate).

FC Barcelona has accomplished the greatest comeback in European history with the 6-1 victory. Never a team in the Champions League had comeback from a 4-0 loss in the first leg. Besides, FC Barcelona had to score 6 six goals after Cavani scored the away goal PSG needed so badly 3-1. But PSG’s collapse is inexplicable and FC Barcelona scored 3 goals in the last 7 minutes to move on. Barcelona makes history while Paris Saint-Germain is a tragedy. 

FC Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique on the surreal comeback:

“The joy we gave to all Barça fans is dedicated to all those who had faith, who supported us each day, especially in the tough moments, after losing in Paris. The key was the faith in the team and the fans right until the 95th minute. We started really well, constantly recovering the ball, but not many clear chances on goal. But defensively, despite all risks taken, we pulled off a near perfect game.

We remain alive in all competitions, our objective is to win them all. It is a night which is difficult to sum up in words. It was like the script of a horror movie, with a spectacular start, and a spectacular Camp Nou.

We ran an infinite number of risks in defence. It is a victory of faith. We were somewhat rushed in attack but very good in defence. This sport is unique, crazy, no Barça fan will ever forget this night. This team has shown it knows how to win, because we also know how to lose. This win is dedicated to all our fans, especially those who really showed us support after the 4-0 (defeat in Paris).”

Qualifying in such a way gives us a massive boost ahead of the rest of the knockout rounds.”

PSG coach Emery on the collapse:

“Today, for everyone at Paris Saint-Germain, the staff, players and fans, it’s a bad day. What happened on the pitch is a negative experience. Individually, we missed out on a good opportunity to grow. We wanted to grow with the game today. In the first half, we didn’t play with the attitude we had wanted.

We wanted to continue like in the first leg. We wanted to sit back and hit them on the counter-attack. After the third goal, the team was better. We wanted to get a better result by scoring a second goal. In five minutes, we lost everything. We weren’t able to defend. It’s an experience. A negative experience, but an experience all the same. I’m learning for the future. Today, it’s clear we passed up a good opportunity.

This is probably the worst night in Paris Saint-Germain history. Period.