Cordoba 0-8 FC Barcelona. 

Barcelona is just destroying opponents at this time.. nowhere else in the world you see such a difference within the same division. It shows how unbalanced is la Liga BBVA. Another massive destruction happened in Andalusia where FC Barcelona played with Cordoba’s defense for 90 minutes. Messi, Suarez and Neymar scored 6 of the 8 goals.

Here is what Coach Luis Enrique had to say:

“We go out to win every game, there is no other way to approach them. Relying on ourselves means winning every game. Today we did that and now we have to wait to see what our opponents do.”

“Despite the high score, for the first 39 minutes it seemed that the ball wouldn’t go in. Football is a complex sport. It’s true that we’re going well offensively but each match we have to recreate the situations that bring us the results we want,”

“We combined our inside and outside game well. When the inner lanes are well covered we have to go outside to get good chances. Today we got two goals that way. We are heading into summer and it’s logical that the temperatures affect the players. No problem. We have enough days to recover and be ready for Wednesday’s game.”

“Reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League this season is great but we have to validate it on Wednesday. It’s a very difficult tie, even more so because it’s in the semi-finals.”