By Paul Douglas Grant

The good news for Auxerre amid their L1 mediocrity is that the win against Saint Petersburg has qualified them for the Champions League. The bad news is the result of the drawing. While Lyon giggled hearing that they would be facing Benfica Lisbon, Schalke 04 and l’Hapoël Tel-Aviv.

Marseille gently smirked at the news of their confrontation against Chelsea, Spartak Moscow and Zilina, and Auxerre felt pangs of weariness and fate when hearing that they were up against AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam and Real Madrid.

Last year Lyon took down Real, and Lyon certainly beat Auxerre, so is there a syllogistic possibility among all this that shows Auxerre beating Madrid? It would be a bit of a Cinderella story, but those who don’t root for underdogs are usually bullies and/or fascists, so forget Ronaldo and Canales (the kid is a monster) and break out your Auxerre pennants, these guys, despite their own moaning in the face of the coming matches, deserve a big win this season.

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